Kelly can't find love and she blames it on My Kitchen Rules.

Former MKR contestant Kelly Ramsay opens up about dating.

Kelly Ramsay became one of the most talked about, and bitched about, people on TV this year. And according to her, it’s taken quite a toll on her love life.

Most people know her as one half of the ‘mean girls’ duo from My Kitchen Rules last season and that reputation didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling.

While teammate/best friend Chloe James married her fiance Luke Hartin in New York last June, Kelly is still waiting for the right guy to come along.

“Chloe is married and, yes, I’m still single,” she told earlier this week.

“I’m dating, but it’s hard finding love when you’re that b**** from TV.”

The pair were attacked on social media through out the season, particularly after their loss to South Australian mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich in the show’s finale.

Kelly admits the critics hurt but Chloe said, “My advice to anyone on the show is just don’t pay attention to social media. It does my head in and is disturbing.

And it's clear the hate hasn't affected their business. The pair are busy running their own private catering company, launching a cooking school and working on a pilot for a TV program.


 "Life’s pretty hectic," Kelly told 

“Things were up and down for a while. There were points where I regretted going on the show, especially when people were so horrible and the verbal bashing started, but really it just made me stronger.

“And losing has created so much more opportunity for us and given us the freedom to chase our food dream.”

My Kitchen Rules has been criticised for their portrayal of some contestants and for faking key moments. Here are the MKR secrets of the trade, revealed:

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