Why weren't MKR's Jessica and Marcos disqualified before scoring?

If there’s anything we’ve learned from six seasons of My Kitchen Rules, it’s that there are certain things you’re never allowed to do in the kitchen.

For example:

One: Forget the sauce.

Two: Vote out the “villains” before the last week of the show.

Three: Buy things that could be made from scratch. (Remember that time Chloe and Kelly didn’t make their own puff pastry and Manu’s head exploded?)

Well, anti-carb vigilante Jessica and her partner Marcos appear to have committed the third of these terrible indiscretions tonight, with eagle-eyed viewers spotting them using – gasp – SAUCE FROM A BOTTLE in their entree dish.

“Tinned pineapple, bottled pasta sauce…..that’s not real cooking!!!” Wrote one fan on the show’s Facebook page.

“Ummmm she just used jar sauce! What the?” Commented another viewer.

“Hold on.. canned/bottled products, no meat and foods they refused to eat at other restaurants? I think we will REALLY see just how rigged it is when they aren’t eliminated tonight,” observed a third.

“I thought they werent allowed to use products in a jar yet she poured a sauce out of a jar into her mix,” added another.

(MKR? Rigged? Say it isn’t so.)

my kitchen rules jessica cheat
Jessica and Marcos pride themselves on their healthy lifestyle, but served up carbs in their meal tonight. Image: Channel 7.

The attacks don’t stop there, with fans calling Jessica a “cheater” and “the biggest fake in the competition”.


The canned/bottled food debate isn’t the only controversy surrounding Jessica and Marcos’ instant restaurant tonight however, with guests and viewers alike outraged at the healthy pair’s choice of menu.

After consistently marking other teams down for their inclusion of oil, sugar and carbs in their menus, the health gurus appear to be serving up a menu full of… exactly those things.

Fried zucchini fritters and bread started off the evening, with pasta and cake to follow.

Herb and Zucchini Fritters with Fennel Flat Bread and Yoghurt Sauce. Image via Yahoo!7.

Sure, the pasta forms part of a vegetarian lasagna and the cake is made of carrot, but the hypocrisy still stands.

Stained Glass Lasagne with Mushroom Ragu. Image via Yahoo!7.

When talking about the bread that came with the entree, Jessica even said, “If they don’t want to eat their whole portion of bread, completely fine.”

Thanks for that, Jess.

Spiced Carrot and Pineapple Cake with Carrot and Ginger Jelly. Image via Yahoo!7.

While Jessica and Marcos were eliminated tonight, the real question is, should they have even been allowed to go to scoring when they used canned goods?

We think not…

Do you think Jessica and Marcos cheated tonight?

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