My Kitchen Rules is back. All of Australia jumps up and down in outrage.

Some viewers are very cranky with the amateur cooking show.

The My Kitchen Rules formula is pretty simple. When it comes down to the amateur cooking couples, we know there’s going to be “the baddies” and “the goodies”. There might be the the young couple, or the true-blue best mates, or the typical mums thrown in for good measure.

So it should come as no surprise that Channel 7 has begun promoting next year’s season of the show with the same types of familiar characters. Yet this has caused former fans of the show to become very cranky, slamming the show for “encouraging bullying”.

Ash and Camilla say they want to "bring some class to the show" this year.

A Boycott MKR 2015 Facebook page has been launched in protest of the show's type-casting and is quickly gaining traction, with 7,000 likes and growing.

One post to the page reads, “Here it is, another season of rigged television with the usual bullying/b**** storyline! What a joke, say no to bullying, say no to MKR in 2015!”

The new promo for the show introduces "posh princesses" Ash and Camilla, as they roll their eyes and laugh at the country town women Jac and Shaz.

Jac and Shaz say they're excited to represent the small town of Mount Isa.

The creator of the page spoke to explaining, “Here already, in the promo, is the catty b***y bullying type of behavior seen in the last season. This is the behaviour we try to discourage our children from doing, yet Channel 7 glorifies it and makes it ‘entertainment’ just to get ratings.”


Fans are comparing the new "enemies" to last season's Chloe and Kelly, who were said to be bullying twins Vikki and Helena, with such comments as them "having one brain" between them.

Chloe and Kelly, the "mean girls" of last season.

Speaking to Chloe and Kelly reveal they have gone on to establish their own catering company and do not believe the show encourages bullying. “My advice to anyone on the show is just don’t pay attention to social media, it does my head in and is disturbing,” said Chloe.

Choe added, “People need to see this is simply TV, it’s not real-life and if there wasn’t any rivalry and we were all sitting around holding hands and singing kumbiya, no-one would be watching."

Will you be watching the next season of My Kitchen Rules? Do you think the show encourages bullying?

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