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The MKR romance everyone's talking about today.

When reality TV contestants fall for each other, it can only end badly, right?

Being placed in the pressure-cooker situation of competing on a reality TV show is difficult for most people to handle. Often, contestants fall for each other because they are thrust together in similar circumstances. They turn to each other for comfort, for companionship…or because producers nudge them together.

It’s the romance that has everyone on the My Kitchen Rules 2014 set talking…Harry and Bianca.

Before we continue we should make it clear that Harry and Bianca have neither confirmed or denied their mutual affection, however watching last night’s painful sudden death elimination made it pretty clear how Bianca feels about Harry. She’s previously been linked with Harry’s ‘bestie’ Christo but explained she thinks of him as a brother and even tried to set him up with her older sister.

Leaving only Harry…

From the very beginning of the episode, Bianca was vocal about her desire for Harry and Christo to stay. “Harry and Christo are our best mates in this competition,” she said, “and we’re not ready for them to go home yet.”

What we heard: “I’m in love with Harry and I don’t want him to go yet.”

When Christo explained that their entree of tuna carpaccio was the dish they made for girls they were interested in, we’re pretty sure we spotted Harry glance up at Bianca, or we might have imagined it.

Bianca did her best to talk up the boys’ dishes, despite how shocking some of them were. Their steak was fatty and undercooked, the chips soggy and the creme brulee hadn’t set. If they’d cooked the steaks for two minutes more or left the creme brulee’s on the bench top instead of placing them in the fridge, then they might have just pulled through.

Still, Bianca yelled and screamed and whooped as the boys cooked up a storm, or tried to. Their efforts were patchy at best and despite the fact they deserved to be eliminated, we couldn’t help but feel sad that this budding romance was probably being brought to a premature end.

Bianca is nothing if not loyal and didn’t hold back. “Harry, you’re great with a blow torch,” she called at one stage, embarrassing her best friend Thalia.

Then she cried when the boys were ultimately eliminated. Nobody thought they’d out cook Helena and Vikki but Bianca still dared to dream.

CLICK THROUGH these pics, where we’ve laid out the evidence of her affections. What do you think? Are they on? Or not?

Images courtesy of Channel 7