Meet the woman who rejected a marriage proposal because 'it wasn't "fancy" enough.'

Sometimes when you spend weeks planning a marriage proposal, it goes exactly to plan and you come away looking like Prince/Princess Charming. Other times? Not so much.

Just ask Redditor ‘gfexpensivetrip’, who proposed last week, and is still reeling from his long-term girlfriend’s brutal rejection.

In a Reddit thread, the dejected casanova explains that Taylor rejected his proposal because “it wasn’t fancy” enough for her standards. (Ouch.)

‘Me and Taylor have been dating for a little over two years. Our relationship is good. I love her very much, hence why I proposed. The thing is, she always liked those super fancy, extravagant proposals where everyone is watching and being awed by how beautiful it is.’

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But it seems Taylor’s love of lavish proposals kicked into overdrive after her best friend became engaged in what sounds like a scene from a fairytale.

“Her best friend got engaged and she had a dream-like, Instagram proposal. Her boyfriend took her to a castle in France and proposed.


“They shot the engagement pictures EVERYWHERE and he made sure a lot of people were around so they all could watch it.”

The jilted boyfriend says the whole France shebang made his girlfriend “crazy about proposals”, which was totally not his own style.

‘She constantly talked about the ring, the locations (she mentioned a lot of European countries), the photographers, what she would be wearing and it drove me crazy.

‘She was more focused on the proposal than the marriage itself.’

 'She was more focused on the proposal than the marriage itself.' (Image: iStock)

Being a low-key kinda dude, gfexpensivetrip decided to do the exact opposite of what his materialistic lady friend wanted (um this was not a good idea, pal, THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA).

"I wanted it to be something memorable, but at the same time, it's MY proposal too. I don't want it to be memorable because it met her expectations and I was unhappy about it.

'So instead of doing something big and public, I decided to take her to a lovely small town in the South where we had nature and the sound of waves crashing in the background.

'While I did buy the ring she wanted, I didn't hire any photographers because I didn't see the point. The proposal itself was just about marrying her. Being with her.'

'The proposal itself was just about marrying her. Being with her.' (Image: iStock)

Unsurprisingly, sentimental Romeo didn't exactly get the warm response he was looking for, and was handed an ice-cold smackdown from his super-dooper-hard-to-please lady love.


'When I got down on one knee she was very annoyed. She looked at me and said 'this is a horrible joke, Logan' then she started crying because I "ruined it" for her. Then she pretended the proposal didn't happen and now she's still talking about rings like I DIDN'T F*CKING PROPOSE ALREADY.

"I love her, but I don't know if I'm being a jerk by not meeting her expectations or if she's being awful."

We're not exactly sure what was going on in this guy's head when he came up with the equation that Super high, materialistic expectations + super casual, minimalistic delivery = proposal success! but there ya have it.

Mind you, someone who demands you deliver some epic, movie-worthy proposal? Probably not worth your clams anyway.

Could this whole fiasco be pointing to a bigger relationship problem? We think so.

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