5 election cake stall ideas (that will walk off the table)

With the Federal Election looming tomorrow, the big question in my mind is …

What to bake for the election day cake stall at the kids’ school?

(Because I certainly don’t know who I’ll vote for … feels a bit lose-lose to me.)

Hmmmm. In previous years I’ve done Three Little Pigs Cupcakes, Reindeer Cupcakes and Polar Bear Cupcakes … to name just a few of my follies.  I also whipped up lollipop flower cupcakes for a recent fundraiser stall at Bunnings – thanks to a lovely iVillage Facebook follower Janelle Shaw who gave me the idea.

But I’m stumped this time. So I’ve gone to Google for inspiration and here are some of the options:

Gorgeous rainbow cupcakes. Get the recipe and instructions at Babble.

How adorable are these worm-in-apple cupcakes from Parenting? I’d use mint leaves and sour worms – or perhaps even the ends of lolly snakes – for an Aussie twist.
Take a box of tiny teddies, some cocktail umbrellas and some roll-ups and voila … Beach Bear Cupcakes! Find out how to make them at Cakessica.

It’s amazing what you can do with some choc bits and sugar … check out these panda cupcakes from Bakerella. Tip: use the big choc bits for normal-sized cupcakes, the little choc bits for mini ones.

Are you baking for a cake stall? Send us a snapshot of your efforts to [email protected] and we’ll turn them into a gallery.

Alana House is the editor of iVillage Australia. This article originally appeared on her blog, You can also find her on Twitter.



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