Must see: David Beckham's new underwear ad

David Beckham knows good advertising! The soccer star has just released some new photos for his H&M underwear line — featuring, of course, Beckham wearing his H&M underwear line. Consider us sold!

In the new ad campaign, shot by filmmaker and Madonna ex Guy Ritchie, Beckham struts around in his boxer briefs against a wooded background. Just as we've come to expect, Beckham is showing plenty of skin (not to mention tattoos, and those insanely perfect abs). If we keep buying his underwear, will David promise to keep making these ads forever?


To be fair, Beckham's willingness to objectify himself is just one of the things we love about him. Here are three non-underwear-related reasons why Beckham is the best.

1. He's now playing soccer strictly for charity.
One of the world's highest-paid athletes, Beckham could have easily kept raking in the wealth. Instead, he has decided to give his future earnings with his new team, Paris Saint-Germain, to a French children's charity. "I’m not sure it’s something that’s been done before but it is something I’m very passionate about," Beckham said of donating his salary, which totals around $3.5 million a year. That should make a lot of kids very happy!

2. He's a good role model.
Not only has he instilled his sons with his impeccable fashion sense — particularly Romeo, 10, who's now a Burberry model — but David takes time out from the glamorous life to think of those less fortunate, like the wounded soldiers and teenage cancer patients he visited in January.

3. He knows his wife's career is important, too.
David could have received a record-setting salary by signing on to play soccer in China. Instead, he picked Paris, the international hub of fashion — which is, not coincidentally, his wife Victoria Beckham's first love. "As a family, we are all very excited about what lies ahead for 2013," the singer-turned-designer told Elle UK. Though Victoria and the four children (Brooklyn, 14; Romeo; Cruz, 7; and Harper, 1) will be staying in London, we anticipate they'll all be regular visitors to the City of Lights.

As for us, we'll continue to be regular visitors to Beckham's Facebook page, where he has promised to post more photos from his H&M shoot.

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