Bliss N Eso actor posted a chilling last video, hours before he was shot dead.

Johann Ofner has been identified as the man who was fatally shot while filming a music video at the Brooklyn Standard bar in Brisbane’s CBD yesterday.

Ofner, a seasoned stuntman, aspiring actor and young father, was filming a new music video for Australian hip hop crew Bliss N Eso, when he was shot in the chest just before 2pm.

Police and paramedics were immediately called, but the 28-year-old died on the scene.

Bliss N Eso released a statement last night: “We are incredibly saddened that a tragic incident has occurred today where a professional stunt person involved in filming our latest music video has passed away this afternoon in Brisbane. We were not on set at the time and our management team are currently working with the police and the production company filming the video to get more details”.

music video shooting victim
Family and friends have paid tribute to the aspiring actor and father. Image via Instagram.

"The three of us are extremely upset and shaken up by this and our hearts and prayers go out to the victim's family and friends as well as the cast and crew who were involved in the clip today," they added.

According to the Courier Mail, an armourer supplied the group with plastic replicas and a real shotgun with blanks.

The guns allegedly came with a warning not to point them directly at anyone, but it is understood Ofner was shot from 1.5m away, blowing a hole in his chest.

Ofner had posted a foreboding video to his Instagram account just hours before the fatal shooting, which hints at the tragedy to come.

Music video shooting victim.
The video was captioned “gun scene for Bliss n Eso. Image via Instagram.

The Instagram video shows three guns, including a sawn-off shotgun, along with money, gambling chips and a fake knife.

The video was captioned “gun scene for Bliss n Eso” and at one stage refers to “faulty props”.

Music video shooting victim
The video refers to "faulty props". Image via Instagram.

Family and friends have paid tribute to the aspiring actor and father, who was set to star in Channel 9's reality TV show Australian Ninja Warrior, on his Facebook page.

Police are investigating the kind of ammunition used in the accident and how it could have happened.

Workplace Health and Safety officers are also investigating.