A mum wrote a list of "don'ts" for her young daughter, and her advice is life changing.

In 2017, people who think it’s OK to tell women and girls who to be and what to do unfortunately still exist.

But rather than focusing on what she should be doing, one mum wants her daughter to know – in no uncertain terms – exactly what she shouldn’t.

In a letter published on Love What Matters, Toni Hammer highlights the importance of growing up learning it’s OK to be exactly who you are.

“To my daughter, Don’t apologize (sic) when someone else bumps into you. Don’t say ‘sorry to be such a pain.’ You’re not a pain. You’re a person with thoughts and feelings who deserves respect,” the mum-of-two says.

“Don’t make up reasons as to why you can’t go out with a guy you don’t wanna go out with. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. A simple ‘no thanks’ should be acceptable.

“Don’t overthink what you eat in front of people. If you’re hungry, eat, and eat what you want. If you want pizza, don’t get a salad just because other people are around. Order the damn pizza.”

Hammer adds, “Don’t hold back your tears. Crying means you’re feeling something that needs to get out. It’s not a weakness. It’s being human.

“Don’t hide your opinions. Speak up and speak loudly. You should be heard. Don’t apologize (sic) for being who you are. Be brave and bold and beautiful. Be unapologetically you.”

This is the kind of ‘to-do list’ we can 100 per cent get behind.

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