Kristina's sons wouldn't stop peeing on the toilet seat. Her solution was genius.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you have sons, your toilet – and basically everything within a two metre radius of your toilet – is going to be covered in pee.

Yep, they just don’t seem to know where to aim.

When mum-of-three Kristina Kuzmic recently came across yet another pee-apocalypse in her toilet, she got a little creative, and gave her two male sons some very specific directions of where they should point their peckers.

She captioned the post: “Sometimes I write my kids love notes.”

Kuzmic’s post definitely hit a nerve with mums around the world and it’s already been shared over 157,000 times.

Many mums commented on the post and shared their own pee-related horror stories.

“I caught my four-year-old standing with his back against the wall (two feet from toilet), eyes closed the other morning peeing into the toilet and slightly missing every few seconds as he fell asleep,” one person commented.

“Recently my son had peed all over the floor around the toilet, when I asked him what happened he said that the toilet seat was a little dirty and he was trying to pee the dirt off.” 

“Seriously!!! I figured out my son was peeing without holding his wiener because he thinks it’s challenging and fun,” one person wrote. “So I make him clean the bathroom.”

While others wish they could introduce a similar signage system to the adult males in their lives.

“The sad part is, you need to do the same thing for adult men too,” one woman explained. “That’s why I don’t go deer hunting anymore. If he can’t hit a toilet that is six inches in front of him, I’m not going in the woods with him and a high powered rifle. Period.”

French Kids Don’t Oui on the Floor. Post continues…

“My husband came home drunk one night, fell into bed, got up about an hour later – opened the closet door and peed on my shoes. We are no longer married.”

What do you think of Kristina’s signs? Do you wish you could do the same thing?