A mum accidentally sent her daughter a very NSFW question over text message.

A mum has accidentally sent her daughter a very, erm, awkward text message.

On Monday, Zehra Taylor-Gencer shared a text message on Twitter that she had just received from her mum – and it’s quite possibly the best bit of mum texting we’ve ever seen.

The text message simply read: “Do you know what pegging is”.

Um, nooooo Mum. Do you? It’s not your usual Christmas lunch topic, but OK.

(FYI: pegging is the act of a woman penetrating a man during sex using a strap-on. It gives the man pleasure, by stimulating the prostate gland, and also give the female pleasure in playing the dominant, penetrative role during sex. Experts say it requires “communication, relaxation and lubrication”.)

Of course, the Twitterverse absolutely loved Zehra’s mum’s curiosity and Zehra’s mum is thrilled to have gone ‘low-key viral’.

Some people even shared their own mum texting disasters.


While others made some hilarious peg-themed jokes.


And some other mums learnt a few things.

Oh Twitter and Zehra’s mum, please never change.

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