Mum vs Life: Gone are the days where I wear heels...

Welcome to the latest installment of our brand new series Mum vs Life. Each week we’ll feature a prominent Aussie mum and take you through her day.

This week we talk to Rebecca Judd, wife of footballer Chris Judd. She’s a model and the mother of an adorable 2-year-old boy named Oscar.

WAKE UP: "Mummy, mummy, mummy..."

I wake up at  7am as that's when Oscar wakes and usually calls out "mummy, mummy,mummy." I usually wear trackies to bed and one of my husband's warm jumpers- daggy I know! The first thing I do when I wake up is get Oscar out of bed, organise him a warm milk and change his nappy. Then I'll put the TODAY show on and check emails, texts, instagram, blog etc.

BREAKFAST: "I should probably eat more fruit!"

I'll usually have toast for breakfast or Weetbix with Oscar. Porridge is a big fave too. A few mornings a week we'll eat out and I'm a sucker for tomato, avo and goats cheese on toast. I'll have a strong latte (always full cream milk) every morning to kick start my day. I should probably eat more fruit!

BATH vs SHOWER: "Definitely a shower girl..."

I'm definitely a shower girl. I'll have one before I go into work in the afternoon. Sometimes if I've got time, I'll jump in the bath with Oscar but that's a real luxury. Oscar usually has a shower every night with his dad after dinner.


GETTING DRESSED: "Gone are the days where I wear heels..."

I do a lot of pilates so you'll either find me in exercise leggings, sneakers and a training top by the brand Jaggad which my husband part-owns. Otherwise it's leather pants or skinny jeans, a loose top and a killer blazer. Footwear is either flat boots or I've been giving my Isable Marant wedge sneakers a good nudge this year. In summer it's all about maxis and flats. Gone are the days where I wear heels- soooooo not practical with a toddler.

WORK: "I'm done by 6.30pm..."

If I'm filming Postcards I start from 9am-2pm and then I go straight into Ch 9 studios to prep for weather. If I'm not filming Postcards I'll spend most of the day at home before heading into ch 9 studios around 2:30pm. I'm done by 6:30pm. With Postcards we travel all over the state and the country (sometimes overseas) covering great travel stories- it's a dream job.

With my weather job I make sure I'm across all the systems that are happening around the country and I work really closely with my producer on the script. We pride ourselves on delivering a story to our viewers every night as it helps the audience to engage and understand what we are saying a lot better.

I also write my blog I work on it over the weekend and publish the content every business day. I also do a lot of ambassadorship roles. I'm the face of Paul Bram Diamonds and Melbourne City Landrover and Jaguar. I also work with Christian Dior watches and Save the Children Charity. I'm also collaborating on a capsule collection with Skin and Threads and am looking forward to displaying my design skills for the first time!


Did I mention I'm also a Speech Pathologist and have worked closely with adults with head injuries and post neuro-surgery at The Alfred Hospital and Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne. I graduated from Curtin University in 2008. Phew- that was exhausting writing all of that!

FOOD AT WORK:  "I'm a sucker to the calls of the vending machine..."

I buy lunch at work- usually a focacia or a lasagne or a veggie pack with hommus. I'm a sucker to the calls of the vending machine at 4pm and am often guilty of a cheeky chocolate bar every day because of this. I should eat more healthily and I should drink more water too.

I do a lot of reformer pilates with a physio and do some physio led exercise classes too, usually one a week. I would love to exercise more but I just don't have the time. I would like to run a lot more than I do but I'm lazy at heart.

Yes a strong latte with full cream milk every morning.

CHILDREN AND WORK: "He often sees us on the TV and thinks that is quite normal..."

Oscar doesn't quite understand that my husband and I are in a unique position to both have jobs on TV (Chris plays AFL for Carlton). He often sees us on the TV and just thinks that that is quite normal. I'm not sure when the penny will drop. He's seen himself quite a bit on tv too so it's a strange one! He just turned 2.


I don't care what he does for a profession, as long as he's happy.

EVENINGS: "Luxury to me these days is eating dinner at home with my husband and son..."

Luxury to me these days is eating dinner at home with my husband and son and then watching some mind numbing tv. I'm usually so exhausted by the end of the day that I don't want to go out to restaurants or events, I just want to chill at home with my boys. Of course on weekends I like to go out to a nice restaurant every once in a while and I love catching up with my girlfriends but my preference is definitely for low-key things these days!

BEDTIME: "I can't drink tea or eat chocolate before bed..."

Yes sleep comes easily. Oscar goes down at 8pm and Chris and I usually head up to bed around 9pm. We'll watch some TV in bed and nod off around 9:30-10pm ish. I can't drink tea or eat chocolate before bed- I'll be up all night.

Rebecca Judd (nee Twigley) is one of Australia’s busiest and best known personalities, working as a television presenter and brand ambassador for some of the country’s biggest companies. She is also a Speech Pathologist, wife and new mum to baby Oscar. 

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