Aussie mum's nude selfie perfectly captures a massive double standard.

Kim Kardashian’s divisive nude selfie has spawned numerous imitators, think pieces and even inspired a graffiti project. Regardless of your personal take on it, this Aussie mum’s is worth considering.

Photographer Lacey Barrett is staunchly anti-body shaming, her recent photo series the Humans Uncensored Project is a celebration of the human body, in all it’s messy glory.

She has long been vocal about social media’s obsession with censoring women’s bodies , particularly Facebook’s bizarre discomfort when it comes to photos of childbirth and, even more bafflingly, breastfeeding.

Lacey Barratt. Source: Facebook

"Let's face it, once you have seen a pair of boobs, you've seen them all," she writes on her blog.

"Sex is sex. Yes, it is reserved for a special person in your life. But stop acting like it doesn't exist and when you do realise it exists, that it is bad."

Sure, Barrett believes there is a time and place for sexual content, but she also argues that censoring bodies, whether you're Kim Kardashian or a mum of four, sends the wrong message to children.

She couldn't care less whether Kim's photo is "empowering" or not, she's more concerned by the obvious double standard of labelling it "indecent" and "disgusting".

"The same nudity that we are fighting so fiercely to normalise, is the same nudity that we are shaming," she wrote.

"Why does it matter if she is nude in front of her mirror or if we are posting a nude of a woman with a baby emerging from her womb? She was not touching herself. She was not sexually explicit. Her legs were not sprawled open. She was simply standing nude."


She then underlined the point by juxtaposing her own nude breastfeeding selfie against Kimmy K's, even adding the now-infamous black censorship strips.

Barratt received mixed reactions after posting the image on social media.

"I feel like this takes the breastfeeding movement a step back," said one commenter on Facebook.

"Birth and breastfeeding photos are beautiful," another chimed in.

"This is just two women naked. Have some modestly and keep your naked self for your loved ones eyes only. The internet doesn't need to see it."

Most of Barratt's followers love it, however, the picture has received nearly 900 likes so far and been shared more than 400 times.

While we'reon the topic, watch Alyssa Milano shut down an anti-breastfeeding talk show host:

Video by Wendy Williams