Lisa's common action saved her life when the bomb went off at the Ariana Grande concert.

On Monday night, 45-year-old Lisa Bridgett accompanied her daughter and her daughter’s friend to Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena.

As she was leaving the venue, a suicide bomber let off an explosion that left 22 people dead and a further 119 injured.

Lisa was speaking into her phone at the time of the explosion, an act that she now believes saved her life.

Mum Lisa was 'saved by her phone' during the Manchester attack. Image via Facebook.

Sharing the story on Facebook, Lisa's husband Steve admits his wife is "very lucky to be alive".

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"Lisa is in a positive mood and feels very lucky to be alive, witnessing first hand what could [have] been," he wrote.

He shared that Lisa had lost the middle finger of her left hand when a steel nut hit her finger, smashed her phone and came to rest in her nose.

A steel nut was stopped by Lisa's mobile phone. Image via Facebook.

"The fact she was on her phone at the time probably saved her life," he wrote.

"The nut has hit her phone which has more than likely not only diverted it, but also slowed it down considerably."

Lisa lost the middle finger of her left hand in the blast. Image via Facebook.

Lisa also has a fractured ankle caused by shrapnel from the explosion, and a large bullet hole wound to her thigh. She is expected to make a full recovery.

Steve also shared images of Lisa's belongings after the attack, admitting "this may seem a bit graphic but at the end of the day it's a reality".

"This may seem a bit graphic but at the end of the day it's a reality," Steve shared. Image via Facebook.

The couple thanked the police "for their incredible work after the incident" and the staff at the hospitals who not only cared for Lisa, but others injured in the attack.

All 22 victims killed in Monday night's attack have now been named and include an eight-year-old girl, an aunty who died shielding her niece from the blast, and a young couple who friends have described as "perfect for each other".

If you'd like to support the victims of the attack and their families, you can donate to the Manchester attack victims fund here.