People are loving this mum's tech fail. But we think she's on to something.

Children are pretty horrible, really. You feed them, shelter them, shower them with love. Then the moment you do something slightly stupid with technology, they share it online so the people of the internet can have a good ol’ chuckle at your expense.

Take Imgur user devillius, if that is his real name (Note: it most likely isn’t).

His poor mum stumbled across a recipe for ‘Fat flushing water’ (we’re not sure what that means, either) while using her iPad.

And, presumably because she is smart and knows that water and electronics generally don’t mix, she decided a hard copy would be preferable.

So… okay, she photocopied the screen.

Via Imgur/devillius.

Rather than give his Mum some helpful tech tips, our friend devillius decided to take a photo of the printout and upload it to image-sharing website Imgur with the simple caption, "My Mum photocopies recipes off her iPad."

His picture has since been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Most laughed. Some even used it to tech shame their own Mums - "Is this what you thought a screenshot was before we told you?" wrote one follower of the Reddit Facebook page.

"This would be our mother. Only she would have a hard time with the copier!!!" added another.

This family won't have to deal with being tech shamed. They're living without technology. Post continues...

But we're going to side with the mystery Mum. First of all, it worked - so it can't be all that stupid.

And second, anyone who has ever tried to wirelessly connect a device to a printer knows there are few things on this earth quite so torturous. Honestly, it should be banned under the Geneva Convention.

And so should shaming your Mum.

If you're reading this on your iPad, feel free to photocopy it in solidarity.

Have you ever been tech shamed by someone younger? Tell us about it in the comments below.