The incredible moment a mum meets her premature baby for the first time.

Many mothers yearn for nine-months to hold their babies. The moment they finally get to hold their child after they are born is highly anticipated and deeply cherished.

But when Jessica gave birth to Hugo at 10 weeks premature, she had to wait. Hugo was delivered by c-section and quickly rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Facebook group Love What Matters have shared footage of the beautiful moment, 60 hours after giving birth, where Jessica was finally able to hold her little boy.

As Hugo is placed on her chest, Jessica breathes an incredible sigh of relief, and it is clear the videographer is capturing a moment of immense and unshakable love.

“I took this video hoping to catch a moment,” the Facebook post states. “Never did I anticipate seeing the exact moment that she fell completely in love with him. The bond between Mother and Son immediately solidified.”

For many Facebook users, the video (which has now been viewed almost 7 million times) is an emotional reminder of their own experience as parents.

Mums of the Mamamia Women’s Network shared their thoughts upon seeing their baby for the first time. You can watch that video below. Post continues after video…

“I literally just went through this last wednesday,” wrote one user. “My boy was only a month early buts hes only 3 pounds…. I didnt get to meet him for a few days. But now Im sitting with him in the hospital. Its so amazing how strong these lil guys are.”

“Brought tears to my eyes,” said another. “My son was also whisked away straight after birth, a lovely male nurse took pictures of him and quickly brought them to me whilst I recovered from my c-section. Very emotional to watch, brought back so many memories. My son passed suddenly at 9 days old, forever in my thoughts.”