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A mum thinks she's saving the family dog. Turns out it's a different dog all together.

A U.S. mum thought she was saving her family’s dog, Dewy, when she rescued it from the pound.

After all, the warden had picked Dewy up roaming the streets of Grafton, Ohio, and posted his picture in an alert to a local Facebook page.

One problem: The dog wasn’t Dewy. As in, not at all.

The dog Mum went to rescue was a white golden retriever…Dewy, meanwhile, is a fox terrier—with a brown face. (hmmm?)

Unaware of her mistake, she immediately alerted her son, Jeff Squires, to her new status as a dog-saving hero.

Squires promptly realised that his mother has no idea what their dog looks like.

He posted their text-message exchange to Twitter and it’s quickly gone viral.

Meanwhile… Someone is missing a white golden retriever who is definitely not Dewy.