The peak hour traffic was so bad her partner had to pull over so she could give birth on the side of the road.

Peak hour traffic can truly be annoying.

It makes you late for work, late for the school drop off.  It can cause tempers to fray and babies to be born on the side of the road.

Yes, babies.

Adelaide mum, Bianca Grant had planned on having her second child in a hospital, like the majority of us – but peak hour in Adelaide intervened.

On the morning of May 12, Ms Grant was being rushed to hospital by her partner, Stephen Curran, but the heavy peak hour traffic was holding up the journey.

The City North Messenger reports that Mr Curran – trying to do the right thing as partners of women in labour tend to – said he was caught between Ms Grant urging him to go around the traffic and the ambulance service, who he had on the phone, telling him to stay put.

“Bianca was telling me to go round the cars, the ambulance on the phone told me to stay put,” Mr Curran said.

“In the end, I just had to deal with it.”

So deal with it he did.

He pulled over right next to two busy cafes and a busload of city workers agog with what was going on before them.

The couple were caught in peak hour. Via IStock.

“People were walking by and everyone could hear my Jurassic-style screams from the car,” Ms Grant told the newspaper.

“I had my feet on the dashboard and a bus pulled up next to us.

“We were trying to put up sheets in the windows to give us some privacy.

“The last thing I wanted was to end up on YouTube from someone taking a video.”

Watch women react to photos of placentas. Post continues after video.


Finally, about half-an-hour later the ambulance arrived and helped Mr Curran deliver the baby.

Soon after their arrival, to the delight of onlookers, Ms Grant gave birth to her daughter, Danica.

They then made a quick visit to hospital and were released later that day.

"It was funny in a way. We can look back happy ending and laugh at the situation now,” Mr Curran said.

The birth of baby Danica is not the most unusual place a baby has been born.

Earlier this year a woman gave birth on a flight from Singapore to Myanmar. The happy mum named the newborn after the airline – Jetstar.

In 2011 a US Mother, Marni Kotak gave birth in a New York City Gallery as a piece of performance art.

Time reported that she “transformed the gallery into a home-birth centre, painting the walls a calming blue colour, decorating the walls with photos of babies, and even put up a 10-foot trophy to honour her baby’s birth.”

A woman gave birth in the happiest place on earth. Via IStock.

And what about this - In 1984, Margarita Grandos was visiting Disneyland with her husband when she decided to skip Space Mountain and let her hubbie on the roller coaster solo.  While he was experienced the thrills of the ride she gave birth on the ground.

In 2014, Troy Dickerson captured the race to the hospital and his wife’s dramatic birth at the door of the hospital on his GoPro camera.

The resulting video went viral.

Troy Dickerson captured the race to the hospital and his wife’s dramatic birth at the door of the hospital. Via YouTube.

Me? I was pretty happy with a hospital thank you very much.

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