A mum dyed her toddler's hair pink, and people have a lot to say about it.

When it comes to how parents should raise their kids, it seems everybody has an opinion.

This week US mum Charity Grace Leblanc – who has more than 250K followers on Instagram – faced anger and judgement from fellow parents when she decided to dye her two-year-old daughter’s hair.

Leblanc uploaded a video of her dying her daughter Felicity’s hair pink – with temporary dye – to her Instagram and YouTube channel.


“What do you guys think!? Would you let your daughter do this!?” the vlogger, who is rocking some sweet mermaid-eque green hair of her own, wrote on the Instagram video, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times.

While many commenters were supportive of the fun change, others shared their concern.

“I’m sorry for you, who dyes hair of little child? I’m so angry with you,” wrote one user.

“Are you crazy? You did this for likes!” commented another.

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Another said she didn’t agree with the choice, adding “she’s beautiful just the way she is”.

Meanwhile, the company that makes the dye, Manic Panic NYC, also commented on the post, telling users they need not be concerned about “harsh chemicals” on the toddler’s head.

“Her hair is already light and not bleached. Our dye is vegan and no harsh chemical and condition based… Her hair is being hydrated as the color is being deposited. Also this will rinse out of her hair in about 4-6 weeks. There is absolutely no harm being done to your hair when directly applying the dye to the hair follicles,” they wrote.

Would you dye your young child’s hair?