'My wife made '1' cookies for our one-year-old's birthday... it went horribly wrong.'

She thought it would be a nice gesture for her son’s first birthday party; handmade, iced biscuits shaped like the number one.

Sweet, right?

Well, actually, having seen a picture of the end result, unsavoury might be a more appropriate word…

In a move that is likely going to see him go hungry tonight, the woman’s husband shared a snap of the biscuits to Reddit, accompanied by the following caption:

“My wife made ‘1’ cookies for our one-year-old’s birthday… I don’t think they came out right.”

If only his favourite colour was pink... Image: Reddit.

For the pure-of-mind among you, kindly allow me: penises, her biscuits looked like penises.

Of course, the little birthday boy would neither know nor care about his mum's NSFW slip-up, so we're going to go ahead and hope she didn't toss... sorry, throw them out.

After all, as a number of commenters noted, the bawdy bickies could star in some rather embarrassing photos that could be resurrected in, oooh let's say, precisely 17 years' time.

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Regardless, it turns out there's a lesson to be learned from all of this. (Aside from: Always be suspicious when your giggling husband photographs your cooking.)

It's about how to avoid this happening to you:

"It looks like the dough wasn't properly chilled before baking," wrote Reddit user dondraperscurtains. "I always chill the initial dough, and then freeze the cutouts before they go into the oven."

Well, there you go.

You came to giggle at a picture of penis-shaped bickies, and left with a handy baking tip.


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