"If you worry like me, you'll love this new mum and bub smartband."

Last week I was at my GP’s surgery at 8pm at night because I was worried about my unborn baby.

The next day, I got a fresh sneak-peak of what’s going on with my baby via ultrasound.

Medical experts say he’s doing great and when I said, “hello baby”, he heard me and opened his eyes right in front of me.

The following day I started checking in with him and monitoring his movements via a new Mum + Bub SmartBand and it put my mind at ease.

My baby kicked a lot. Image supplied.

After logging kicks for a week on the smartband, I can now see on a he's been kicking a lot.

It's hard to believe that it made me feel more connected to him, but it's made me stop when he moves and note it. It's made me more aware of him and intentionally take time out to say hello.

I'm pregnant for the second time and busy with work, a business and a toddler.  I feel like this second child is a little overlooked already.

But logging his movements has been a good way of reminding me of what I'm going through and the amazement of it all again.

The activity tracker has also helped me be better with my water intake. I set reminders on the band and can log that too.

Tap to log. Image supplied.

The smartband, which is designed for new mums and their babies, has a host of functions for when the baby arrives that's teamed with a smartphone app.


From day one you can track bottle or breastfeeds, (right or left boob), pumping, nappy changes, naps and baby weight.

You might not want lop-sided boobs so quickly logging breastfeeds via your wrist may be very helpful.

When a new baby comes your sleep is hijacked and it feels like you are surviving on none.  This time around, I think it will be helpful to monitor how much sleep we are getting.

After my first baby, I was totally smitten but foggy, sleep deprived and exhausted.  We had scrapbooks scattered around the house with feeding times. I should have logged my sleep to manage it better.

When my newborn came out with a rash, I had medication for him and had to track his feeding times and nappies - something like this would have made it so much easier.

It may not be for everyone, and of course it's not always fun logging your every move, but if you can't remember to take your iron pills or get headaches because you don't drink enough water it's great.

Or if you're a worried second time mum, like me, it's an easy way to check in with number two before they are born.

I'm so happy he's kicking along.

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