The story of how a mum accidentally put a stranger to bed... thinking it was her son.

Excuse me, but I think think I’ve just found the silliest story of the entire year.

A mum from the UK has posted on Facebook about accidentally putting a stranger to bed after thinking it was her own son stumbling home from a night out.

Juliet Jarvis, 49, helped a naked, drunk stranger by the name of Marc Campfield get to the sleep in her spare room after she awoke to footsteps in her home at 4.30am at the weekend.

“When I gave him a pillow he said “thank you” and I thought, hmmm, Stewart sounds very polite. [I] thought it was odd that Stew’s car wasn’t outside and a bit strange that he would come round in the early hours for a kip in my walk-in. But he looked like my son enough to pass a cursory.”

Jarvis also said the fact that her son’s hair is always changing and that Campfield had half his face shrouded in Halloween makeup did not help her cause.

Right: Stew. Left: Marc. (Image via Facebook.)

However, in the morning, her husband Cliff came downstairs to calmly inform her there is a "naked bloke" upstairs, and it wasn't their son.

"In the morning it turned out it was a guy called Marc, with a half painted face who had left his clothes in the conservatory covered in mud, with his muddy phone. I wonder if he was walking home and threw himself over the fence at the back? Or did he pick up all that mud in the woods? We live in the middle of nowhere," Jarvis wrote on Facebook.

Ever the hospitable duo, Juliet's husband dropped him home in the morning a whole four miles away.

"[He was] obviously housetrained by someone, he knew not to walk mud through, his shoes were in the conservatory," Jarvis added.

In an interview with The Sun about the encounter, Campfield said he "could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people".

"They were so understanding," he said.

You don't say.

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