The ultimate lazy girl's fashion trend is now acceptable, thanks to London Fashion Week.

For decades we’ve seen fashion trends that can best be described as a lazy girl’s worst nightmare.

From stiletto heels to skinny jeans – keeping things comfortable has never been at the forefront of designers’ minds as they created their fashion, it would seem.

Until now, that is.

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Mulburry has heard our silent prayers for comfortable clothing that doubles as being on-trend and delivered us a surprising new piece of clothing.

In its show at London Fashion Week on Sunday, the label debuted clothing items that we at Mamamia, and others, have likened to wearable doonas.

We really hope this trend catches on. (Image via Getty.)

The ponchos, which also look a lot like the Snuggie's upper-class cousin, were a prominent feature in the show.

There wasn't just one type of doona-poncho. No, models walked the catwalk draped in several different variations of the piece in a variety of textures, prints and lengths.

Yes, a sleeping bag can be clothing. (Image via Getty.)

While a few looked like someone had stuck staples in a sleeping bag, other ponchos closely resembled a picnic rug.

Finally - a wearable picnic rug. (Image via Getty.)

Finally, fashion us comfort-seekers can get on board with.

If this trend catches on - and we are desperately hoping it will - we'll be one step closer to leaving the house in a doona without fear of judgment.

And hey - if you can't afford the no-doubt expensive price tag for these beauties (a Mulburry trench coat usually goes for about $1500), you could just get out the sewing machine and whip one up yourself.