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Judge orders humiliating sentence for disabled kids’ bully.

An Ohio man has been forced to hold an “I am a bully” sign at a busy intersection for a day following a 15-year campaign of harassment against his neighbours who have disabled children. Edmond Aviv, 62, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour disorderly conduct charge following shocking incidents such as calling his neighbour “Monkey Mama” while she held her adopted, disabled, African-American child, he smeared dog feces on their wheelchair ramp and placed tar on the sidewalk so their wheelchairs would slip.

Judge Gayle Williams-Byers said she handed out the unusual punishment due to the seriousness and extent of his harassment. “He would do things like shine a spotlight at their house at three in the morning so the family couldn’t sleep.” The sign reads, “I am a bully! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself.”  Aviv will also spend 15 days in jail, attend anger management classes and perform 100 hours of community service. Aviv said he’s been treated unfairly. He told Plain Dealer, “the judge destroyed me.”

Photo: ABC 7 Chicago

Submarines join the search for MH370.

Australian vessel Ocean Shield

Thirty seven days after flight MH370 disappeared, authorities have announced that the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Bluefin-21 will be deployed this evening from the Australian vessel Ocean Shield. Retired defence chief Air Cief Marshal Houston announced at a media conference that they haven't heard any more pings from the Black Box for the last 6 days. The Black Box batteries only last 30 days.

“The deployment of the autonomous underwater vehicle has the potential to take us a further step towards visual identification since it offers a possible opportunity to detect debris from the aircraft on the ocean floor. We’ve got a very good lead - we’ve just got to wait and see if Bluefin-21 can find the wreckage” he said. However, he was quick to mitigate raising hopes of finding the plane - there is no guarantee the area they are looking in is the right place.

Blue-fin 21 will be conducting a sweep for 24 hours of a 40 kilometre square area. The total search area is 1000 kilometres square.

Newcastle beach littered with brand-new fridges.

Photo: Debbie Krogh

The Krogh family got a rude shock yesterday when they were walking along their usually pristine beach and came across a group of brand-new fridges marooned on the shore. It appears that swells had lifted the cargo of a upturned shipping container and dumped them on the Newcastle's Shelly Beach. Wyong Shire Council released a warning to residents and beachgoers that the fridges could present a danger and fenced off the area while it works with local authorities about the clean up job they have ahead of them.

Stars on the red carpet for MTV Movie Awards.

The annual MTV Movie Awards are currently underway in Los Angeles, with Hollywood's finest vying for respectable acting accolades like Best Shirtless Appearance and Best Scared As Sh*t Performance. The victors so far include Seth Rogen for Best Comedic Performance, Jared Leto for Best On-Screen Transformation and Zac Efron for Best Shirtless Appearance. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson picked up the awards for Best Female and Male Performance respectively.

CLICK THROUGH this gallery to check out some of the red carpet looks at the ceremony.