CULT BUY: The red lipstick that's changing lives this month.

This month, you may have seen an influx of social media snaps of women in their favourite red lipsticks, followed by the hashtag #KissGoodbyeToMS.

That’s because May is MS Awareness Month – four weeks of fundraising and charity events to raise much-needed awareness (and funds) for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

This year, Kiss Goodbye To MS has announced its new partnership with Pout Cosmetics and Australian award-winning make-up artist Becca Gilmartin, who have collectively launched the limited edition ‘Kiss Kiss’ lipstick.

A striking shade of red, it symbolises the strength and tenacity within every person who has been touched by MS.

Watch: Ever wondered how lipstick is made? Watch and learn. (Post continues after video.)

Kiss Kiss currently retails for $25 (total steal), with 100 per cent of sales going directly to Kiss Goodbye To MS.

So now you can achieve the perfect red pout while supporting vital research — and with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, why not grab one for mum as well?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system and the optic nerves. It can have a significant impact on speech, sight, and mobility, and comes with various symptoms and forms of severity.


The average age of diagnosis is just 30, and three out of four Australians living with MS are women. It is one of the most soul-destroying and debilitating diseases to witness, let alone experience personally.

I’ve watched my mum fight this disease for the past 14 years, and to say it has been devastating doesn’t even touch the surface.

I’ve witnessed her go from a confident, vivacious, and independent woman to now having to live away from home in a 24-hour high care facility, unable to do basic things for herself — make a cup of coffee, have a shower, hold a fork, pick up a glass. The things we all take for granted every day. It is gut-wrenching.

#kisskissforacause (image: Instagram)

But there is hope, and thanks to Kiss Goodbye To MS and the 'Kiss Kiss for a cause' initiative, one day we will find a cure.

So join the cause, and let's kiss goodbye to MS together!

Kiss Goodbye to MS is a campaign about hope, that together we can raise funds to accelerate research into multiple sclerosis. How you fundraise is up to you – and you can get involved from anywhere in the world. What will you do to ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’? To donate, visit