Mrs. Claus has just made an important point about women’s unpaid labour.

Australia, we have a new, very unlikely feminist hero…and it’s none other than Mrs. Claus.

While Christmas time is usually all about Santa, a new video released by ActionAid Australia sees her stepping out of his shadow to make a very important point about women’s unpaid labour.

The video shows Mrs. Claus interviewing for Santa’s top job: steering the reindeer and delivering all the presents to children all over the world.

But there’s one problem: who will look after the finances, take the presents to the sleigh, cook for the elves and manage logistics while she’s gone?

When Santa assures her that is all done by “magic”, Mrs. Claus informs him that it is in fact she that looks after the long list of chores.

Yeah, Santa, it's not "magic"'s Mrs. Claus. Image via Facebook.

"The role Mrs. Claus plays at Christmas generally goes unseen – much like women all over the world in their everyday lives," Michelle Higelin, Deputy Executive Director of ActionAid Australia said of the video.

"Globally, women work an additional unpaid month every year - and four extra years in their lifetimes than men.

"Our hope is that this video featuring Mrs. Claus will help raise awareness about the inequalities that women experience with regard to unpaid work, and that it will inspire Australians to take action for women’s rights this Christmas."

At least one person has already sat up and paid attention to the message: Santa, who upon hearing of Mrs. Claus' unpaid duties, promptly wishes to go back to "his old job".

NOPE. Image via Facebook.

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