MKR "baddie" gets married, and you'll never guess who's invited.

Chloe James, one of the My Kitchen Rules ‘mean girls’ is has married in New York.

Chloe and Kelly were the mean girls of this year’s My Kitchen Rules series, however losing the Grand Final and famously claiming to being left jobless and broke hasn’t stopped at least one of these Perth girls from having the wedding of her dreams.

Chloe James with fiance Luke

Chloe James, 28, is marrying her fiance Luke in New York, with bestie Kelly Ramsay watching on.

Also in attendance, former rivals Thalia and Bianca, who have flown to the Big Apple for the ceremony which is set to take place this weekend.

Chloe and Kelly from WA famously boasted that they'd visited more than 42 countries, learning all about food and cooking. Their skills took them all the way to the Grand Final but they lost out to SA mums Bree and Jessica.

Kelly is set to be a bridesmaid at the ceremony and Thalia and Bianca will be guests. So far there is no sign of MKR arch rivals Vikki and Helena, but they could always fly in at the last minute!

Rumours of a destination wedding were already swirling and then Chloe posted a photo of a bleak looking New York City on Instagram, giving away her secret location.

Chloe posted this pic on Instagram, writing, "Any other bride would be devastated about rain and storm clouds on their summer wedding day - not me! Bring it #NYC."

Also on Instagram are photos of bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne and lots of pics of Chloe, Kelly, Thalia and Bianca seeing all the sights New York has to offer including Central Park and Yankee Stadium.

Chloe's seven-year-old son Dylan has been joining his mum at Yankees games. It wasn't until the second half of the series that Chloe first spoke about being a mum. She revealed that she was struggling to cope without him but hoped the sacrifice would be worth it. Dylan has a number of food allergies and intolerances which means Chloe has to cook most of his food at home.

Shortly after losing the Grand Final, Kelly revealed how hard it had been for them after being labelled 'mean girls', being left broke, jobless and having to deal with public hostility.

The girls have been busy posting photos of their New York trip on Instagram. Click though to see them all.

Do you think New York will make a good location for a destination wedding? If you could get married in any country, which would it be and why?

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