“My mum’s obsessed with these pyjamas, and so am I.”

Peter Alexander
Thanks to our brand partner, Peter Alexander

It’s safe to say I enjoy the act of gift giving more so than receiving gifts myself. It gives me the warm and fuzzies to pick out a present with meaning and spoil someone I care about, which is why I often end up giving gifts waaay out in advance. (My niece and nephew who received chocolate eggs months before Easter are proof of this).

But there’s no-one I love to shower with affection, thanks and the odd gift like my mum. That’s why this year I decided to give her an early Mother’s Day present – and it’s safe to say I’m in her good books for the rest of 2017. She has an obsession with Peter Alexander pyjamas and every time we pass by one together, she always ‘oohhhs’ over their window displays and ‘ahhhs’ at all of the stunning pyjamas she’d like to buy.

"There's no one I love showering with affection, thanks and the odd gift like my mum." Image: supplied.

From pyjama pants, to a top, slippers and of course, a gown, Peter Alexander had all the items that just screamed 'Mum' when I looked at them.

And the smile on her face when I surprised her with that beautiful floral box with the pink ribbon was instant. She threw the pyjamas on - she was ecstatic, marvelling at how warm and comfy her new ensemble was, while still super stylish (if I do say so myself). She looked so fabulous. I kicked myself for not getting a set for myself too...

Here are the items I picked out for her:

Tea Floral Classic Pant - $79.95

"The smile on her face when I handed over that beautiful floral box with the pink ribbon was instant." Image: supplied.

When I see anything floral, it instantly reminds me of Mum. That's why I couldn't resist the Tea Floral Classic Pant. The print is modern, fun and fresh and I loved the colour combination. The satin fabric makes them easy to move around in and the elastic waist means they're adjustable after filling up on breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, which we all know is a given.

Gathered Back Top - $59.95

If anyone knows how to do a top that you can take from the bedroom and beyond, it's Peter Alexander. Initially my mum didn't believe me when I told her the Gathered Back Top was to sleep in. It wasn't until she saw the distinctive purple dog logo on the front of the top that she realised her mistake. The gathered back and navy colour doesn't scream 'pyjama', which means she could even wear it out and about it she wanted to and people would be none the wiser.

Long Jacquard Gown - $99.95

"Is it really Mother's Day if you don't invest in a warm gown for Mum? Well no, not really." Image: supplied.

Is it really Mother's Day if you don't invest in a warm gown for Mum? Well no, not really. My mum couldn't stop raving about how warm and comfortable the Long Jacquard Gown was. She was thrilled she wouldn't need to pull the blanket from Dad this winter because  as she said, 'it was like walking around with a giant warm blanket on'. And on a cold night, there's nothing better than that.

Ladies Fold Back Moccasin Boot - $49.95

When you're keeping a household together, the only way to do it is in a really comfy pair of moccasin boots and at Peter Alexander, I found the perfect pair. My mum is a big fan of knits and the style of the Ladies Fold Back Moccasin Boot reminds me of little booties my grandma used to knit for us just before the chill of winter came. They can also be folded up or down. making them even more versatile.

Just like the light blue badge pinned on her new pyjamas reads, my mum really is The World's Best Mum. And along with me giving her an early gift, she deserves to know that too.

What's the best Mother's Day present you've ever received? Share with us below!

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Peter Alexander