"It's time for Mother's Day morning teas at school to stop."

Mother’s Day is meant to be a celebration of wonderful women doing their best to raise children.

Schools across Australia may have the best intentions when arrange their “special” Mother’s Day morning tea but I’d like to see them scrapped.

Here are some things mums never hear. Post continues after video…

So many miss of us out on the cupcakes and cheap orange juice along with spending time with our kids within the school gates because Mother’s Day morning tea is held at an unreasonable time.

Working mums don’t have time for jump rope or a game of handball after 9am.

The middle of the morning isn’t the best time to trek from work back to school grounds to receive a handmade heart-shaped card.

My busy mum missed out on seeing me during school hours. Image supplied.

Of course, we want to be there - it's our day after all.

But can you imagine how that would go down in the office of any busy working mum? Especially if they're already seen as privileged to have flexible hours or work part-time.


Part-time workers that are in this kind of work/life balance equation are too busy trying to fit five days into three to give up any work time.

They are too busy drowning in emails and doing unpaid overtime to duck out for a few hours of much needed praise.

It even happens before kids are in school. One mother says she feels under pressure when her day care hold celebrations during work hours.

"Can you come too, pleeeeeease Mummy? Everyone else will be there."

It's so lovely that mothers are celebrated outside the home and that kids can show off their mum at school but why aren't we arranging it like we do for fathers?

Dads get to show up for the equivalent sausage sizzle for Father's Day before the school bell rings. They get a hot breakfast and get to work on time.

Most schools realise fathers are busy men and that they wouldn't be available during school hours.  It would be a no show for dads at 10:30 in the morning for scones and tea.

So please schools, stop and have a think - let's make it a Mother's Day breakfast next year.

Mums are busy people, just like dads.

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