A leather bag and the comfiest robe: Just 7 perfect Mother's Day gifts your mum actually wants.

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There's an old-age question we have asked ourselves, about once a year, for as long as the children of a deserving mother can remember: what the heck does mum actually want for Mother's Day? 

It's the ultimate query. One that's gnawed away at us and ultimately left us to come up with the only answer being... a box of chocolates, and if she's lucky, a pair of socks.

Welp, it's typically not anything she ever really wants. It's not really anything she ever actually needs either.

But fear not, because we have truly got you covered this year — and we're making sure all the mothers of Australia get a gift they deserve (and frankly, actually do want). Whether they're the type of mum who is always on the go and busily running around after the kids, or a woman who needs a versatile accessory to slot into her existing wardrobe, we've rounded up a list of all the things she would appreciate this Mother's Day to make it the best one she's had yet (big claim, but we're backing it). 

Nere Stori Suitcase, $250

Image: Strand/Mamamia.


Sometimes, all a mum needs is a good holiday. But it's understandable that our budgets don't always really allow for that. At all. So we should support them in securing any type of holiday getaway or weekender with something sturdy, easy to spot at baggage claim and adorably practical. 

This Nere Stori Suitcase is the ideal quality addition to the family travel kit as it is constructed out of hard materials (that protect the beloved trinkets and knick knacks she'll likely be bringing you back from Noosa) and has a built-in TSA lock combination which means: No! Thieves! Allowed!

Since my own mother lives overseas, I'm strongly suggesting to my father that he should pay for her ticket to visit me. I've told him not to fret though, as I will be ever so gracious enough to provide the luggage. 

Hommey Robe in Resort Stripes, $129.99

Image: Hommey/Mamamia.


If your mother doesn't own the comfiest bathrobe around already then I only have one thing to ask you: how have you not thought of this as a Mother's Day gift already? 

This one from Hommey is fun, very resort-chic and comes in a bunch of different striking patterns and colours. The ideal gift that she probably isn't buying for herself!

Marikai Stud Anchor Shopper Bag, $59.99

Image: Strand/Mamamia.


When I first saw this faux leather Marikai shopper bag, I knew it would go perfectly on SO many well-deserving mothers' shoulders. This little beauty comes in jet black or burgundy and has an adjustable strap. 

It's basically the only bag I'd ever push my own mum to wear if she had one (and believe me when I say that I plan on making sure she has one this Mother's Day), as it's adaptable to the office, a night out or a beautiful dinner with her favourite daughter. 

Ahem. The favourite daughter is me. (And you, when you buy her this bag from Strand.) 

Poppy Lissiman sunglasses in Stevie, $140

Image: Poppy Lissiman/Mamamia.


Okay, this one might be a bit of a risky gift *but* they're very stylish and on the practical side of gift giving this Mother's Day. 

Plus, if your mum isn't quite vibing the shape... you get to keep them. 

(Jokes. She'll love the gesture, and can always be exchanged for another iconic Poppy shape! Just to be safe, keep the gift receipt mate.)

Evity Maya Leather Work Laptop Bag, $269

Image: Strand/Mamamia.


There's something about a gorgeous leather bag that goes with everything and fits everything, too. 

A day trip to the office? Check. 

A shopping trip in the city? Check? 

A quick duck to the supermarket? Check and check. 

This Evita Maya Leather Work Laptop Bag is the perfect little gift for Mother's Day because it looks like you spent meticulous hours finding it yourself and also, it's adorable. It also fits a standard 14" laptop computer, tick.

Basically, you're welcome. 

Alana Maria Evelina Necklace in Gold, $259

Image: Alana Maria/Mamamia.


There's a good chance your mum knows her way around any jewellery store, but does she know about how Freshwater pearls are technically the coolest things to be wearing on our necks right now? This 14k gold-looped chain adorned with five pearls might just be everything she didn't know she was looking for. 

Special, sentimental, something class she can love wearing for years. I've nailed this gift idea.

Koko Black Chocolatier's Selection Praline Gift Box, $109.99

Image: Supplied.


There's a reason why every kid gets their mum a block of chocolate every single year and that's because it's foolproof (and shareable). They'll never not enjoy tucking into a bit of choccy to warm their blood before bed. But it's best if you go a little more luxury and artisan if your budget can allow it because Koko Black is utterly delicious and pretty to put in a gift bag (or perhaps a new handbag...).

This gift box has 16 of Koko's most loved pralines (white, milk and dark), it's gourmet and only support local growers and communities within Australia. It's a win-win-win, in my very humble opinion.

Now, go forth and GIVE to the woman who deserves it most! I wish you luck.

Shop Strand's collection of bags and luggage in-store or online to gift this Mother's Day.

Feature Image: Strand/Koko Black/Hommey/Poppy Lissiman/Alana MariaMamamia.

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