The Mamamia DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide.


Have you put the kettle on yet? Are you up to speed with the scones recipe?

Better hop to it – Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but every present I’ve ever given my mum for Mother’s Day has been met with one of two answers. It’s either, “Oh but you shouldn’t have” or “But I don’t need presents.” I disagree. I think there’s something kind of wonderful about giving someone a present for no other reason than just because.

The thing is – and if you’re anything like me – thinking of what to give can be about an enjoyable as getting a pap smear. So… with that in mind, this year we’ve decided to do the research for you.

Say hello to Mamamia’s 2013 Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

GALAXY Note 8.0, $459, Samsung.

This is the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0. And it’s aweeeesome. Think of it as a new notebook for mum – but one that can also take photos, send emails, play movies and house ebooks. The best thing is that it comes with an S Pen (if your mum’s anything like mine, she still loves a pen and paper) so she can keep taking notes like she always did.

Capital city metal wall art, $179, Masters.

I’m a sucker for any kind of bold, black and white artwork and luckily so is my mum. I like this because it stands out and it’s got a local feel to it. I’m picturing it on the wall at the end of her hallway (conveniently located next to the bedroom I still use when I’m home).

Kimono tea cup, $19.95, Maxwell and Williams.

I fell in love on a recent trip away. And it was with one of these mugs. These were the ones provided in the hotel room and they were such a refreshing alternative to the standard issue hotel tea/coffee cup with the tiny handles only a kid can hold. Anyone else a big fan of a bowl-sized tea cup?

And here’s some other gifts that are on my radar. (If I could, I’d buy them all.)

What are you doing for your mum this Mother’s Day? If you’re having trouble thinking of an idea, leave a comment and one of our commenters might be able to help you out.