10 Mother's Day cards that didn't exist. Until now.


Most women don’t look like the mums sitting on the front of Mother’s Day cards.

First because they’re not cartoons. Wearing aprons. And smiling at a gaggle of toddlers while patting them affectionately on the head.

But also because motherhood isn’t always so simple.

Some mothers are the mum and the dad.

Some are in the midst of postnatal depression.

Some are meant to have a baby in their arms, and they don’t.

Some feel like they had a loud and full house just yesterday, and now it’s empty.

Others are step-mothers, or foster mothers, or adoptive mothers.

Those cards aren’t sitting in newsagencies, between ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Congratulations It’s A Boy!’

Today, Mamamia celebrates all kinds of mums – the ones who feel like they’re failing or the ones who find today a source of pain rather than celebration.

We see you.

And we’ve put together 10, specially made cards, to download and print. All for free.

You can find them all right here.