Perfect last minute gift ideas for mums who don't need anymore crap in their lives.

We know that when it comes to Mother’s Day, all most mums really want are three things.

1) You to not leave your wet towel/dirty laundry on the bathroom/bedroom floor and

2) a bit of sleep in and 3) for you to show them that you care.

Providing you do those things and put thought into whatever plans you have for the day, a physical gift can be the perfect added bonus.

But forget the scented hand cream and slippers (unless your mum is a fan, in which case go wild) and try these gifts instead.

Listen: Holly Wainwright wants to know why she keeps seeing slippers on her Facebook. (Post continues after audio.)

Part treat ‘her self, part useful and part just delightfully decadent and pretty to look at, we’re pretty sure these fail-safe beauty options will win you major brownie point (and maybe some real brownies too, later down the track if you’re lucky).

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi All Over Body Spray, $110

Can’t afford to jet your mum over to the Amalfi coast for the weekend? Bring it to her. This super fresh fragrance contains notes of mandarin, lemon, basil spearmint and jasmine and is designed to evoke the villas overlooking the idyllic Italian coast. A more accessible price point than the perfume, she can spray this all over her body (or clothes or even bedding) for a lingering scent.

Image: Tom Ford

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Gel, $18.71

If your mum is not necessarily a lipstick or full-on makeup person, this is the perfect middle ground. It's super pigmented but feels like a balm, sliding on to give great colour without the heavy feel of lipstick.

Image: Priceline

Go-To Bestsellers Only Gift Pack, $125

Not only is the packaging punny (and a delightful peachy apricot colour) but the products are bloody good too. This set combines - funnily enough - the bestselling hero products that will ramp up her skincare a notch plus founder Zoe Foster Blake's beauty bible.

Image: Go-To

T2 Beauty Queen, $28.

A deliciously fruity tea packed with all the good stuff in a snazzy looking limited edition tin. Win.

Image: T2

Burt's Bees X MooMooi Queen Bee collection, $64.95

We're not saying you should judge a skincare pack by its packaging... but if you did this one would be a winner. On the outside are gorgeous illustrations from fashion illustrator Meredith Wing aka MooMooi on a resuable woven bag, while on the inside you'll find a facial cleanser, eye cream, day and night lotions.

Image: Burt's Bees

The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillowcase, $79.95

I'll admit that a silk pillowcase seems like unnecessary decadence, but boy do they make a difference. Not only are they heaven to sleep on (and feel seriously luxurious) but they're great for your skin (and hair) too, as well as giving you a better nights sleep thanks to their temperature regulation properties. Oh, and their machine washable to make it easy on mum.

Image: The Goodnight Co

Lanolips #1 Essential Lip Tints Trio, $34.95

Why do you need three of the same product? I hear you say. Wait until you try. These are the best lip balms by far with the added bonus of a slight tint. Have one in your handbag, by your bedside table and tucked in the sofa at all times. I swear she'll wonder how she ever lived without them.

Image: Mecca

The Lip Lab Custom Blend Lipstick Voucher, $65.

Does your mum have a favourite lipstick that got discontinued? Or has she never found her perfect shade? Now she can have either. The Lip Lab offers custom blended lipstick you design yourself with stores all over the country.


Jo Malone Star Magnolia Cologne, $98

Forget the overly sweet perfumes, the newest limited edition from cologne is far more grown up - think Magnolia leaf, orange blossom and a bit of lemon, ginger and shiso. The bottle is very pretty too.

Image: Jo Malone

Remington Shine Revival Dryer Pack, $59.45

Give mum the salon treatment with this rose gold hairdryer and haircare pack. It's the kind of thing she probably wouldn't buy herself, but will definitely come in handy.

Image: Myer

Foreo LUNA play, $59

This T-Sonic cleansing device is about the size of a macaron, but it packs a punch (and is a favourite of Kim Kardashian too). It will instantly up her cleansing/face washing game, giving the feel of a spa treatment at home and is an easy sizze for travel too.

Image: Shaver Shop

Frank Body Glow Mask, $21.95

We feel like Mum will greatly appreciate this "sleep in a tube". It's fast and no-fuss (but still a slice of pampering) meaning you don't have to allocate an hour and a half to do it. It only takes five minutes  so she can even pop it on while she's doing other things in the morning getting ready.

Image: Frank Body

Blys On Demand Massage voucher, $99

Think of this as Uber for massage. Available in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Mum can treat herself to a professional massage whenever she wants without leaving her home. You can choose between single and couple massages for varying lengths. Even better? The voucher takes less than an hour to arrive so she'll never know it's, ahem, last minute.