Mother sues after her son died of a suspected snake bite on a school trip.

The Melbourne mother of a seven-year-old who died from a suspected snake bite on a school excursion is suing the Victorian government and a camp operator.

Rowville primary school student Junpeng Tan suffered a cardiac arrest while on a trip at popular camping destination Mount Morton in October 2013.

ABC News reports Junpeng and mother Xiaoying Tan moved to Australia from China only two months before his death.

Tan has since suffered a major depressive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, according to court documents.

Source: Seven News.

It was reported the legal firm representing Tan, Maurice Blackburn, said teachers attempted to resuscitate the child before he was taken to Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital where he later died.

In a statement, he firm commented on the boy's autopsy.


"The pathologist who conducted the autopsy concluded that while there was no evidence of any injury that would have contributed or led to death, 'it seems reasonable to determine that this unfortunate young fellow has succumbed to a snake bite'," the statement read.

Dimi Ioannou is representing Xiaoying Tan. (Source: Seven News.)

The 41-year-old is suing for loss of earnings, injuries and loss of earnings capacity.

Public safety lawyer Dimi Ioannou who is representing Tan said the allegations take aim at the school's duty of care.

"We allege that the school failed to adequately supervise, protect and take proper care of Junpeng," Ioannou said.

"We also allege that the operators of the camp failed to ensure as far as was reasonably practicable that the premises was safe and without risks or hazards that were likely to cause unnecessary injury or death."

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