"I have the worst boss, and he won't even let me quit."

Rachel* says she is exhausted after two years of reporting to the “worst boss in the world” and despite terrible work conditions, she won’t resign.

“When I first started, I thought I was going to be in a senior leadership role. I did my best and I thought I had a strong bond with my boss but I was soon relegated to an entry level position,” she told Mamamia.

Rachel was 36 when she started her new job – she had a decade of professional experience behind her but had never worked such long hours or for such a demanding boss.

“It was gruelling. I wanted to sleep on the job. I had no lunch breaks, I often worked all week just and slept little to keep on top of things,” she said.

“My boss’ demands started impacting my free time. I couldn’t guarantee more than a few hours at home without an interruption. I was basically on call 24/7.”

The journalist says she was took on a role in “a rough and ready” work place that had no employee protections.  She claims she is often screamed at and even threatened.

Rachel says although she had tertiary qualifications, she was made to do her boss’ “dirty work”, even cooking and cleaning.

“I thought I was in charge but my decisions were constantly challenged. My boss was so hot and cold – one minute I felt like I was great at my job and was applauded for it and the next minute my boss would have a huge tantrum over his lunch.”


“He didn’t talk to me for 12 months, then when he finally started talking, I was the one taking orders,” she said.

Rachel says she was demoted in one simple sentence – without a new job description.

Rachel and Charlie. Image supplied.

"Charlie says over and over 'I am the boss'. He says it a lot. He probably has small man syndrome."

The Sydneysider says she won't resign despite the gruelling hours and strange out of hours requests from her two-foot tall manager, but she is hoping to regain some authority soon.

"I still love my job immensely, it's important and I value what I do," she says.

"Deep down, I hope my efforts will help him flourish in life - especially if he ever takes on a parenting role like this one."

*Rachel may have exaggerated, there are times when Charlie is a lovely little boy. 

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