Perth mum of quintuplets will have 150 volunteers helping her care for the newborns.

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A Perth mum by the name of Kim Tucci has just given birth to quintuplets – yep, that’s five little ones – at 30 weeks. And Kim and her husband Vaughn already have two children. So you can imagine what their household is going to be like when they eventually get together.

Perth and Districts Multiple Births Association (PDMBA) volunteer support program coordinator Krista Bingham also knows how stressful raising lots and lots of little ones might be. For those not in the know, it’s probably 50 nappy changes and 40 bottle feeds A DAY. So Krista decided to trial a community support program that allows people to volunteer to help Kim and Vaughn care for their children. What an excellent idea.

Birth AnnouncementWe are very happy to announce the birth of our 5 beautiful babies, born on the 28th of January and…

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Krista told WA Today, “The volunteers will be doing stuff like helping to feed babies, changing nappies, helping with washing bottles and preparing feeds and changing linen and washing baby clothes and all those sort of tasks.

“They’ll also help with cuddling the babies which is really important because multiple birth babies need cuddles just as much as single babies do,” said Krista Bingham.

Kim Tucci and her husband Vaughn. Image: 'Surprised by Five' Facebook.

The program has already screened 150 people, many of whom have had multiple births and their children are grown, who are ready to help as soon as the family is released from King Edward Memorial Hospital.

The Tucci family update regularly on their Facebook blog 'Surprised by Five', so you can follow them over there to check in on how the roster-based program will be working.

The last few weeks have been frantic. However, I have been lucky enough to have an array of people behind me pushing me...

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And if you're in the area, why not volunteer yourself? Anyone interested can contact the PDMBA via email on [email protected].

Kim Tucci and her family-to-be. Image: 'Surprised by Five' Facebook.

This week is Multiple Birth Awareness week. Get more details from the Multiple Birth Association here.