Meet the mother-in-laws that make Kieren Jack's mother look tame.

This week hasn’t been an easy one for Charlotte Goodlet, the partner of AFL Sydney Swans co-captain Kieren Jack, who is now famous for being hated by Kieren’s mum Donna.

Allegedly, there’s been a slew of nasty texts, tweets, threats to go to the media, and screaming matches all on mum’s part. For… well… for seemingly no real reason at all. Apart from a few AFL tickets not coming her way and a big dollop of jealousy, Donna just doesn’t like her son’s choice of girlfriend.

Donna and Garry Jack (left), Kieren Jack with long-term girlfriend Charlotte Goodlet (right).

While not all mother-in-laws are difficult to get along with, this is a situation many women have found themselves in.

Being hated by your significant other's mother is tricky. Just ask these Reddit users:


Sometimes, mother-in-laws can just be downright nasty. Take CosmicBasic, for example, whose MIL made a habit of bitching about her to HER EIGHT-YEAR-OLD SON.

"She said you were a bad mummy and that she was a good mummy and that I should stay with her," ComicBasic's little boy told her when he got home from a visit at his grandmother's house. "I said I didn't want to stay and that you're the best mummy and I said that she is a witch! Then she she used very bad words."


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Do not reply

"When I was in the hospital getting ready to have a baby, my MIL was texting my husband asking who he would choose if he could only save one of us from death." - A_Florist2016

... Yep. That happened.


Dinner for two, thanks

Redditor fmil-issues has a mother-in-law who's a wee bit manipulative.

'My MIL has requested that my husband and I have dinner with her three times a week, but has been reserving a spot at the restaurant for 6pm every night, knowing I don't get home until 6:30pm from work. So, more often than not, I can never come.

'I decided to come home early one night at 5pm to surprise Adam. He was so excited to see me! I could come to dinner with him and his mum! I told him I just needed to shower real quick and get dressed. He called his mum right away and told her that I would be able to make it.

'Suddenly, she decided she wanted to eat earlier, and showed up to our house at 5.15pm while I was still in the shower. Adam said I'd be ready in just another 15 minutes and offered to call the restaurant and request they move us back. She wouldn't hear it. She whined about being hungry, and how a poor old woman shouldn't be expected to wait so his fiancée could fulfil her vain requirements.


'I told him to go ahead without me and I would meet them there. That was fine. I got there, and the table was for two. Of course! Adam said we could make room, but she said how we'd be inconveniencing everyone and I should just go sit at the bar and she'd try to get it fixed.

'I had one drink at the bar and then left. Came home, calmed down a bit, and now I am writing this.'

Go big or go home

When SelfishDil told her MIL about her low-key, intimate wedding plans, she was irate.

'She told me she refused to "settle for a BBQ in the woods" and wasn't sure if she'd make time to come.'

You are NOT the father

Oh. Dear. GreyGreyThrowAway has a MIL that took her insult to the next level.

'My husband is Indian, I am Caucasian. A month ago when my first baby was born, apparently she came out looking whiter than she should be. When my MIL saw my baby's face everything changed. She began shrieking (and I mean shrieking) that the baby wasn't my husband's. She insisted that I had cheated.

'She has refused to see me or my baby since until we do a paternity test.'

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