A mum has banned her husband from bathing their daughters. And parents are stunned.

A Queensland mother has drawn criticism after saying she does not let her husband, her children’s father, bathe their daughters because “they have different parts”.

The Facebook post that she sent public yesterday, and seen by MailOnline, has attracted huge media and social attention.

“So hubby is upset with me because I have told him that I don’t want him to wash our two daughters in the bath or shower, I just don’t feel comfortable for a man to do this,” the Facebook post reads.

“I have said I don’t have any issues with him bathing our son, I just believe girls should be washed by their mothers and boys by their fathers. It’s got to do with the fact that mums and daughters have the same parts, the same goes for men and their sons.”

The woman, who has remained unidentified, says her husband thinks she “thinks ill” of him.

Then, bizarrely, she says: “With how people play the ‘I was molested card’ so very often these days, I just don’t want in any way to give my kids the chance to even think about it.”

Firstly, allegations of molestation is not “playing a card”. Secondly, lumping her husband in with accused paedophiles is problematic to say the least – something the public has been quick to point out.

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Speaking on breakfast show Today, co-host Deb Knight said she was “saddened” by the post’s implication.

“It’s sad to sexualise what should be a normal part of family life,” Knight said.

Several commenters on Today’s Facebook video share Knight’s sentiment.

“This is the kind of attitude men face within society today. Instantly assumed to be predators!” one commenter wrote. “Men care, Men are fathers, not babysitters. We deserve equal rights when it comes to our kids!”

“If you’re that worried about your partner bathing your daughter why bother staying married, way to go lady making your husband feel like crap,” another said.

“Considering there are so many absent fathers around I think we should embrace the fathers who want to be in their kids lives. We shouldn’t be making them feel like predators by stopping them from performing parental duties,” another said.

A woman doesn't let her husband bathe their daughters. Image via iStock.

Some commenters who are fathers shared personal stories in which they've been unfairly questioned in a similar fashion:

"This is very sad, I’m separated and have my daughters 50 per cent of the time," one person wrote. "Years ago I had a female co-worker suggest it would look suspect when I took them away on holidays because if she saw a single man checking into a holiday unit with girls she would think he was up to no good! I had no answer for her ignorance and prejudice."

Other commenters wondered if the woman had been sexually abused herself as a child, if the fear might be coming from some place deeper.

Some people defended the woman, saying she's only protecting her daughters.

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