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The most random, weird and WTF moments of 2014.




As the internet has basically just become a giant competition to be the first to get something to go viral, and our lives have become more and more focussed on becoming ‘accidental’ Youtube stars, a lot of very weird, random and WTF has filled the World Wide Web.

Here’s a countdown of the most outstanding ones from this year:



16. A devil baby terrorised New York and scared the bejezus out of everyone.

Look, it’s kind of hard to explain, but 2 million people watched it in the first hour. It’s that good. Relive it here.


15. The couple at the next table were breaking up. So he live-tweeted the whole thing.

2014 was the year of the live twitter break up. This was the best one. Relive it here.


14. This is officially the best way to move a couch down a flight of stairs.

PIVOT. Relive it here.


13. This giant puppy-sized spider will haunt your dreams.

Good luck sleeping tonight. Relive it here.


12. This bra does something awesome, but only when you touch boobs with your sister.

#SISTERPOWER Relive it here.


11. You can now buy a Selfie Toaster.

We have reached peak narcissism. Also we really want one. Relive it here.



10. This man transformed his entire house for his cats.

It’s a cat palace. Relive it here.



9. This fish looks exactly like Hitler.

That’s it. It’s a fish that looks like Hitler. Relive it here.


8. DISGUSTING: This is where the germs go when someone sneezes on a plane.

Nope. Relive it here.


7. This is what happens during a supermarket chicken funeral.

There’s a human-sized coffin. Relive it here. 


6. Did this guy actually just get caught on camera picking his nose and wiping it on a woman’s head?

Yes. Yes he did. Relive it here.


5. Couple pay for their goldfish to get complex surgery.

There’s pictures. Of a goldfish surgery. Relive it here.


Yeah. Exactly.


It was sailing towards shore. And it was filled with cannibal rats. Relive it here.


3. Proof that every episode of House had exactly the same plot.

“HE NEEDS THE MEDICINE DRUG.” Relive it here. 


2. Woman spends entire week in KFC after getting dumped.

Literally. An entire week. Eating chicken wings. Relive it here. 


1. Benny Hill music dubbed over rave music is inexplicably hilarious.

Over 120,000 of you shared this. Seriously. It’s that funny. Relive it here.







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