The top 18 running songs for November.

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Here’s a secret: behind every great runner (well… every runner) is an even better playlist.

It seems simple, but a good collection of songs can be the key to keeping you pumped and helping you regulate your breathing and steps. Not just any song makes it onto the runner’s playlist – you need that special bassline to get you into a fantastic rhythm for the workout ahead.

The 20 most popular songs to get sweaty to

If you’re a runner looking for some great news songs to mix up your current playlist, or you’re hoping to, well, start running, you’re in luck. The excellent crew at Spotify have compiled the most popular running songs across the country right now – there’s some hip hop, a sprinkle of dance music, and of course, a little bit of Britney.

These 18 tracks will have you pummelling the treadmill or your favourite local running trackStudies have shown that there is a specific link between the rhythm of the music and the pace of the runner as pace increases with the beats per minute. It’s amazing what a great beat can do when you think you can’t push any further.

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So get out your training shoes, plug in your headphones and enjoy your run.

You’ll notice that even though Taylor Swift is blitzing the charts at the moment, her songs haven’t made the cut here. This isn’t because ‘Shake It Off’ isn’t an awesome running song (it really, really is, trust us), but because the singer has removed her music from Spotify.

You know what also makes for a great run? Adorable running shorts, like these ones from Aussie company Running Duds:

What are your favourite songs to run to?