The most popular jeans on Pinterest have us scratching our heads.

Look, Topshop has had a few misses in the jeans department of late.

There was their bizarre foray into knee windows, which left us asking: WHY?

Closely followed by an abandonment of denim altogether and the creation of a pair of pants so mind-bogglingly sweat-inducing my glasses are fogging up just thinking about them.

Watch: While we’re on the topic of trends we don’t understand (post continues after video…):

But the point is, they’re back on track with the two-tone Moto Panel Straight Leg Jeans that have nabbed the enviable title of most pinned pant on Pinterest (try saying THAT three times fast).

These new jeans, which channel Britney and Justin circa the 2001 American Music Awards, are, apparently, wildly popular.

So much so that at 10 pounds a pop (roughly AUD$17) they’ve already sold out in the UK.

Jennifer Grey, is that you? Source: Topshop

Here's the thing though... they're not bad jeans, we just, um, don't really get it?

"Confused," said one Mamamia staffer when asked her initial thoughts on the pants.

"Disappointed," said another, almost entirely disillusioned with the state of international streetwear.

"Very confused," chimed in a third.

There's nothing objectively wrong with the jeans. In fact, one could well argue the dark outside, faded inside could create a slimming illusion for the legs... sort of like contouring. For your thighs.

This is basically a summary of our feelings on these pants.


European fashion is weird, man.

Where do you stand on these jeans? Would you wear them?