The most extreme celebrity tattoo ever.








1. Whoa, which celebrity has tattooed her rear end in roses?

This British singer caused quite the controversy when her new bum tattoo was unveiled on Instagram over the weekend.

The owner of the rose tattoo? Britain’s X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole.

Her fans have been quick to come to the 30-year-old’s defence.

One user tweeted: “Genuinely don’t understand the problem with Cheryl Cole’s tattoo. It’s her bum, she can do what she wants with it!”

The Girls Aloud member later responded on Twitter: “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts!”

“I have personal meaning behind it but English roses are my favourite flowers.”

“I’ve had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I’m now done!”

Nikko Hurtado, who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in California, broke the news by uploading an image to Instagram of the pop star displaying her rose tattoo while wearing a pink g-string.

“Here is a in progress shot of a Tattoo I’ve been covering up and reworking. Really exited to show healed shots. It was some intense tattooing sessions. She’s tough as nails,” Hurtado captioned the shot.



2. Still wearing his hospital wristband, proud daddy Alec Baldwin has taken his new bub home. Click here for all the adorable details.


3. Fergie and Andrew back on. No toe sucking reported YET.

For many, this is not a surprise as the couple has continued to live together since their divorce in 1996. Fergie has also been welcomed back into the Royal family, having been spotted at Balmoral earlier in the month with Prince Andrew, the Queen and her two daughters. We can only imagine what Prince Phillip would be saying.

4. Josh Duhamel has confessed he’s worried his baby will grow up to be a “spoilt brat”, so THIS is what he plans to do about it.


5. Khloe Kardashian’s husband goes missing.

Khloe Kardashian’s husband NBA player Lamar Odom has been missing for three days according to a report by TMZ.

Odom’s family believe that he is currently on a drug binge. No one has been able to contact him for 72 hours.

Odom has been facing a drug problem for two years. He reportedly went to a rehab facility last August, but left after three weeks.

A source has told People magazine, “It’s a really hard time for Khloe.” The source explains “She’s kept this secret for almost two years trying to save Lamar and their marriage.”

Another insider says, that for Lamar, “it’s all ‘work hard then part hard’… until it goes off the rails.” He continues, “They really do love each other. But she really feels that this problem is out of control, and she’s hurt that he won’t get help.”

TMZ reports that Kardashian kicked him out of the house last Wednesday. He has not been seen since.


6. As if we needed another reason to adore Hugh Jackman … he’s gone and done THIS on the set of his latest film. Click here and we think you’ll agree – best co-star ever.

7. J.Lo brings T.Swizzle to the block. Duet goes off. Fo’ shizzle.

Wait. What? Taylor Swift, America’s girl next door has donned her best Bronx accent and performed a duet with surprise guest Jennifer Lopez on the last night of her ‘Red Tour’ in Los Angeles. Swift introduced J.Lo by saying “You have that one favorite song. It was your favorite song to dance to. Los Angeles, this is my hairbrush song.” For a hair brush song, this one goes pretty well:

8. Ben Affleck was only announced as the new Batman on Friday but there’s already a petition with $10,000 signatures to get him sacked. Find out why here.

The couple in early August at the MYER Spring Summer 2014 Collections launch.

9. Congratulations to Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta.

Former Home and Away actress Jodi Gordon and West Tigers player Braith Anasta are having a baby.

The couple who married in October last year have reached the three-month mark in the pregnancy.

Fairfax Media reports the couple have sold their baby news in an exclusive $25,000 deal with Woman’s Day.

According to columnist Jo Casamento, gossip was rife at the opening of The Corner Store last week when Gordon sipped iced tea and wore an oversized Stella McCartney coat.

10. Kristin Chenoweth calls up audience member for duet, gets upstaged. 

That awkward moment when a musician invites a most-likely-unskilled audience member on stage to sing with them, and they are actually really, really good.

We all know those cringe-worthy performance moments when the musician gets someone on stage to poke fun, have a bit of a karaoke duo and create a silly, memorable performance. Last Friday night, that didn’t happen.


Performer Kristin Chenoweth sang at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and invited Sarah Horn to the stage to sing “For Good” with her, from the musical “Wicked”. As it turned out, she was incredible. Once she was on stage, Horn revealed that she was a voice teacher who loved musical theatre.

Chenoweth instructed Horn to wait her turn, and join in the song when her part came.  She clearly had no idea of the skill Horn possessed, and threw her hands up in the air as Horn belted out her part.

“Oh sing it, sing it!” Chenoweth laughed. As the duet neared it’s end, Chenoweth exclaimed again: “Holy crap, harmony!”

It was probably more unexpected, hilarious and surprising than when the usual average-jane-audience-member comes on stage for a laugh.

11. Lady Gaga ran out of ideas so she did this:

We’ve seen her in meat, a Kermit dress, in leotards and in the flesh but now the 27-year-old singer showed off her unicorn tattoo in New York last week in see-through pants.

Did she run out of ideas?

12. MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) red carpet.

Music’s hottest stars are descending on Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the annual MTV Video Music Awards. And it already promises to be a treat.

After showing up on the red carpet in a Jolie-esque simple black dress (sans steak chops) Lady Gaga kicked things off with a performance of her new single Applause.

And as for Miley Cyrus, we can’t even…