Sam Frost, you're not alone in your cringe Christmas party moment.

Sam, you’re welcome to join our Christmas party any time. (Image: Getty)

When the office Christmas party rolls around, one thing is inevitable: somebody will disgrace themselves.

Whether it’s an abysmal, champagne-fuelled karaoke effort (a la Bridget Jones) or making a wildly inappropriate remark to a superior, we will all be That Guy at least once in our lives.

Just ask Sam Frost, who just shared a cracker of an embarrassing Christmas party anecdote on the Rove and Sam show this morning. Brace yourselves: “I threw up on my manager and did The Worm.”

Pretty epic, right?

Champagne-fuelled karaoke, anyone? (Image: Bridget Jones)


Just quietly, we're relieved to hear it — if Sam Frost can vomit on her boss and still go on to lead a successful life, that's got to be a good sign for the rest of us.

Sam certainly isn't alone when it comes to the silly season faux pas. Far from it, in fact.

For one thing, in a recent survey by UK store Ann Summers 39 per cent of people admitted to having sex at their office Christmas party. Yep, at the party, not at home afterwards.

The majority got it on in the car park, but others opted for the boardroom, the storage cupboard, the boss' office(!!!) and on their work desk. Wow.

Watch: Your makeup doesn't have to get loose at the Christmas party. Here's how to keep it in place. (Post continues after video.)

A quick poll of friends, family and our office revealed a number of us have similarly cringey stories — and like Sam Frost's, untimely spews feature heavily. These are all anonymous for obvious reasons:

"I vomited at the restaurant table into my water glass. At the time I thought, 'Nah, no one would've noticed'. Got in on Monday, everyone noticed."

"At my old job, four members of the senior management team were so drunk that they stripped off and went skinny dipping in the pool."


"I was wearing a silky halter-neck top to my work party one Christmas. Thanks to the many champagne's I'd imbibed, I didn't notice when it slipped undone — at that point, my colleague's very shy husband leaned over and mentioned I might need to re-tie."

"One of my ex-colleagues vomited in our CEO's lap - and then had to come to work the next day." (Post continues after gallery.)

"I pashed a female colleague in a bar after a Christmas party."

"I took advantage of the bar tab, and then fell down a flight of stairs and landed on my front teeth. I couldn't feel it because... bar tab. But there was lots of blood and my teeth went through my bottom lip. Nearly had nerve damage."

"At a boat party on the harbour, the boys pushed EVERYONE (minus Directors) in the water. It was the most fun we've ever had but needless to say, we saw far too much of each other. The Directors weren't impressed... and I was wearing white pants."

"I danced on a table with my manager. There are photos."

Drunken dancing. Always a good idea.


And then there's this absolute shocker:

"I left the party with a guy I'd thought was cute from IT. We started kissing against a sandstone monument in the middle of a busy corso and one thing led to another. We had sex. Right there. In the middle of a busy area. Thank God it was several years ago before videos were being taken and shared on social media."

Hey, it's called the Silly Season for a reason, isn't it?

OK, over to you - what's the most shameful thing you've ever done at a Christmas party?