The most dangerous sex position is a favourite of married couples.

If you’ve been having sexy time in this position and you haven’t been sent to hospital yet, congratulations. You’re in the minority.

Even scientists get bored with researching subjects like ‘the effects of global warming’, ‘how an atom works’ and ‘how are sink holes created’ (Note: I have no idea if that is actually what scientists research).

So, a bunch of them have taken a break and researched the most important thing they could think of. Sex.

Or even better… Sex positions.

Or even better again. The most dangerous sex position in the WORLD.

And unfortunately, the most dangerous is at the top of many women’s “Most favourite sex position’ lists.

It’s woman-on-top. Cowgirl, if you will.

Most unlikely Cosmo sex positions recreated. In public.

But it’s also unfortunate for many men because they are the ones in danger. Or at least, their member is.

The cowgirl position is responsible for half of all penile fractures. (Every man just crossed their legs reading that line).

The scientists  44 cases of men attending three hospitals for suspected fractured penises in 13 year period.

The Independent reports:

28 fractures were sustained during heterosexual sex, 4 during homosexual sex, 6 after “penis manipulation” and 4 in circumstances which remain unclear.

The woman-on-top position during intercourse was deemed responsible for half of all penile fractures sustained during sex. Positions involving the woman on all fours [the study actually used the words ‘doggie-style’] was involved in 29 per cent of fractures.

Half of the patients described hearing an audible crack and feeling pain after the incident.

But don’t cancel all future woman-on-top sex plans. The scientists did make sure to mention that penis-injuries were few and far between when compared with the amount of couples engaged in that sex act.


Woman-on-top, missionary or something else entirely – what’s your go-to sex position?

This post originally appeared on iVillage and has been republished here with full permission.