6 reasons it’s time to bring back "little lunch" in the work place.

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As a kid at school, my favourite time of the day was little lunch.

Well, that’s what we called it then. I think now it’s called something dull like ‘first break’ or ‘snack’.

Little lunch back then was exciting. We weren’t expected to eat our boring old sandwich at this time or even necessarily eat fruit. Usually it was when we’d eat the treat our mum or dad had popped in our lunchbox. Like some cheese or a slice of cake.

Now that I work in an office, I still get to eat “big lunch” (at least in theory I do) but the earlier morning catch up with friends around a snack has been lost. We don’t make time for it as much as we once did and I, for once, would like to see it make a comeback. Here’s why.

1. It brings people together.

The “watercooler chat” isn’t just a saying. Once upon a time you’d actually come across your workmate at the watercooler and as small talk rules dictate, you would have to discuss last night’s episode of Masterchef or The Bachelor or any other timely television event.

If this was a discussion that we got to have today, as a group, with a dedicated time when we were encouraged to have a chat whilst sitting around the communal office kitchen table, nibbling on cheese and biscuits, IMAGINE the euphoria and camaraderie.

2. It makes you feel good.

Some work places don’t make it easy for people to get to know others. A safe, great workplace is one where you can feel that you are comfortable with your fellow colleagues and this stems from hanging out with those people, even for a short period of time, eating.

3. It gives you a reason to organise a “do”.

Now when I say a “do”, I mean a morning tea with purpose. One where you can raise money, like the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea or to celebrate the end of the hideous moustaches in the office for Movember.


Having a common theme brings people together in the best way and opens up conversations.

4. It gives you a reason to have a bake off.

Nothing brings people together more than their love of food. Can I humbly suggest that everyone get together and bake a cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake cookbook every time a staff member has a birthday? The birthday girl or guy gets to pick it and then a very brave soul offers to make it for them. Even if it’s a disaster, it will still be a talking point.

5. It gets you up off your seat.

Sure, morning tea might not seem like that big a deal but like anything at work, immersion into your project can consume you. You might sit down at your seat at 9am and not even realise that you haven’t even looked up in eight hours, and suddenly it’s 5pm. This is crazy (and VERY unhealthy).

6. You can make new friends.

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, to find your tribe is a very special thing indeed. These morning teas or “little lunches” can sometimes trigger that. It could be a love of almonds or cheese or gluten-free products that brings you together, but before you know it, you’ve hit it off and have found a friend and an ally in this workplace that you never even knew existed.

So to put it simply, whatever way you spin it, bringing back little lunch just makes sense. Right?

Do you have group lunches at work?

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