Dozens of female prisoners offered the morning after pill after male inmates break in.

On July 24, Greenough Regional Prison inmates rioted for 12 hours straight.

The male inmates, armed with power tools, smashed their way into the female section of the prison.

No one really knows exactly what went on during those 12 hours.

In the middle of the riot, a female prisoner used an office phone in the female section of the prison to contact Seven News. 

“Some of the girls are scared because you’ve got a whole bunch of aggro men running around,” she told the network.

“They climbed on to the roof and made their way into the girls’ unit and smashed all the windows and everything.

“They’re trying to throw bricks through windows and lighting all the couches on fire.”

A male prisoner then came onto the phone and said he had broken into the female section of the prison to protect some of the female inmates.

According to The West Australian, the next day the female inmates were offered the morning after pill.

The Justice Department has denied any sexual assaults took place during the riot but confirmed the pill was offered to dozens of female inmates.

“Counselling and medical support were offered to the female prisoners, which included contraceptive medication,” the department said.

“Police have investigated whether any sexual assaults occurred and found there were none.”

WA Prison Officers Union acting secretary, Paul Ledingham, hinted to The West Australian that some of the inmates could have been having sex during the riot.

“If you have got a situation, riotous behaviour, that goes for 10 to 12 hours in a prison under the cover of darkness where males and females are concerned, I think anyone’s imagination might lead them to think that there were things going on,” he said.

Ten inmates escaped the prison during the riot and the prison was left with millions of dollars worth of damages.

Former Victorian corrective services commissioner, Jan Shuard, is now leading a review into the riot.