More proof that some TV producers (and parents) are on crack.

There’s a show format that’s being doing the rounds for a while and has already had a UK season. Now it’s the US’s turn to do a new reality show called The Baby Borrowers.
Teenage couples – who have never lived together (possibly because they are TEENAGERS) – are given a house and then entrusted with the following to look after, 24/7:

1. A baby.
2. A toddler
3. A pre-teen
4. A teenager
5. An elderly person

The last three? Whatever. But what parent in their right mind would give their baby or toddler to a pair of teenage strangers for the sake of a "good tv" and ‘teaching them a life lesson!".
The promo for the show makes it all look like wacky fun. But what about the distress of the kids? I wonder how much the producers had to edit out – all that footage of the babies and toddlers distressed and confused, wondering why the hell they’d been left with strangers and were being followed around by a scary film crew.

This clip of the baby waking in the middle of the night – no doubt wanting his mother – breaks my heart….

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