Three more Manchester victims have been named. Two women and a teenage girl.

Three days on from the horrific Manchester bombing attack on Monday evening, three more of the 22 victims whose lives were claimed have been identified.

15 people have now been identified as having lost their lives in the blast, that also left a further 119 people injured.

Sorrell Leczkowski, 14.

Image via Facebook.

The 14-year-old passed away in hospital, with her mum and grandma by her side, after she was injured in the blast at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Her aunt confirmed her death, as family and friends paid tribute to the girl online who had only just started her life.

"Fourteen and not even lived your life yet," Mark Burton wrote on Facebook.

"You'll be sadly missed by us all."

"So today I've woke up hoping that it's all been a awful's not (sic)," Lisa Archer also shared.

"Absolutely devastated...there are simply no words. Sleep tight Sorrell, gone at such a young age."

The Telegraph reports Sorrell's grandmother is critically ill and has been unconscious since the blast.

Writing on a fundraising page set up to support Sorrell's family, Stacie Healey, her aunt, wrote, "My mum was seriously hurt...she has had a 15 hour surgery to remove shrapnel from her body and has compound wounds to her arms and legs."

Michelle Kiss, 45.

Image via Facebook.

The mother of a little girl who was photographed being comforted by a police officer after a bomb exploded in the foyer of Manchester Arena has been confirmed as one of the 22 people killed in the attack.

Family members launched an appeal for mum-of-three Michelle when they discovered she was missing after the concert. Her niece, Laura Murray, confirmed her death on Facebook, before her family released an official statement to the media.

"Michelle Kiss was a loving wife to Tony, mother to Dylan, Elliot and Millie," the family shared.


"Family was her life and we are all obviously devastated by her loss. She has been taken away from us, and all that love her, in the most traumatic way imaginable.

"We hope to draw from the courage and strength she showed in her life to get through this extremely difficult time."

In her last social media post, Michelle uploaded an image of her daughter, Millie, and a friend with the caption, "Excited girlies ready to watch Ariana."

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Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 50.

Image via Facebook.

50-year-old Jane Tweddle-Taylor was accompanying a friend to pick up her children when she was killed in the blast.

According to her husband, former footballer Mark Taylor, said she was waiting with her friend in the foyer for the concert to finish.

"Her and her friend were just having some food waiting for the concert to finish," he told BBC Radio Lancashire.

"They went back to pick them up as arranged. They were waiting in that area where the explosion happened and unfortunately Jane didn't come back.

"Her friend fortunately was ok, and the children were taken to safety. I was actually in London away on business and one of my daughters rang me at the hotel to say mum had gone missing and there had been an explosion."

Jane worked as a receptionist at a school in Blackpool. The principal of South Shore Academy, Jane Bailey, said the community was "devastated" by news of her death.

"Jane was a well-loved member of staff...a truly wonderful friend and colleague to all of us."

The three victims join the list of 12 others - including an eight-year-old girl - who have been named.

If you'd like to support the victims of the attack and their families, you can donate to the Manchester attack victims fund here.