A dad's ingenious trick for his daughter who is scared of monsters.

When you have a child who is scared of monsters in the dark, usually the only solution seems to be them hopping into bed with you (or you hopping into theirs).

But an ingenious dad has come up with the best trick for the night terrors we are yet to see.

Pharmacy technician, Dee Vivian helped the father create “monster spray” for his daughter Mya. The dad asked if Vivian could print off a label to make his regular spray bottle look more official.

Good one dad, we know kids aren’t easily fooled these days.

Image via Twitter.

Vivian fulfilled the unusual request, which made the bottle look as though it had been prescribed by a doctor. A photo of the bottle was shared on Reddit.

The instructions read, "Spray around bedroom at night before bed and repeat if needed. Shake well. May cause dizziness or drowsiness."

Dad - 1. Monsters - 0.

Have you ever had to come up with something similar for your child?