Monkey-sign people are known for being clever, so while you have five favourable and seven unfavorable months this year, you will still have plenty of opportunities. Knowing when and where to strike will take you far. Stay alert. Use your head. Think things through before you act. It's a Water year, and Metal is your fixed sign as a Monkey. Metal and Water are good for each other in Chinese astrology, so luck is going to be with you more than you might think this year!


Monkey ingenuity could be in demand in this, the Year of the Snake. Don't hold back, but be ready to tone it down a bit if your ideas are not well received initially. Timing is everything, so pay attention to everything that's going on around you. Hop on any chance you get to further your education. This year will be full of mental stimulation for you. Channel it and the rewards will be great!


Usually your love life is so-so in a Snake year, not good, not bad. Not really a good time for finding love or breaking up, just stay the course. If you see an opportunity to shift romance into a higher gear, go for it. You'd be wise to run as fast as you can whenever you see an argument arising. Instead, let the other person in on your own inside joke. Once you let them into your inner circle, fun times will come easily.


You have quite a few high points ahead of you this year. Balance is the key to your good health, starting with your diet. Be sure to stay away from the fatty oils and eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Give your immune system a boost with the right vitamins and supplements. A little Omega 3 might be just what the doctor ordered. You should also try to get in some physical activities, whether it's a nice walk in the park or a good workout in the gym.


Don't monkey around with your money this year! It's way too risky for you to take chances. You may find yourself pulled towards one investment opportunity or another, but your best bet is to just pass and wait for another day. Be especially cautious when it comes to business ventures and partnerships. Now more than ever you need to do your due diligence and be very careful about who you're working with.

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